Expect the Unexpected

My photo workshops have set locations we see and photograph. But, it is not that uncommon that we will stray from the plan either because of logistics or weather.

Or, from an unexpected photo opportunity.

This is a photograph of a young cowboy in Olancha CA. whose job was to deposit the calves testes in a bucket after castration. It might seem gross to us city dwellers, but it is a testament to a innocent boy living in another world.

The image was taken after we'd stopped for lunch on the way to Mono Lake when I noticed cattle being branding across the highway.

Was this part of landscape photography tour? No, but we, as photographers must keep an open eye for different scenes and be willing to change in mid stream. Usually, this is when the best photo opportunities will arise. Don't let yourself get hung up with only one style or type of photography. Remain flexible. This will make you a better all around photographer regardless of what your speciality might be.

Taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF1 and 20mm f1.7.


Keith Skelton Photo