The Advantage of Long Lenses in Landscape Photography

Many times my students ask me what lenses they should bring to a landscape workshop.

My first answer is "a longer lens" in the 100-300mm range. Many people automatically think "wide angle", which are important as well.

But a long lens can do much in the way of selecting a subject, creating a near distance closeup, and compression of space - bringing the background closer to a near object. A longer lens can also flatten a scene to make it more abstract with a two dimensional feel.

Take a look at these examples I shot in The Alabama Hills, California.

Workshop April 27-28 -

The Sierras and the Alabama Hills -  Compressing space -150mm lens. - Keith Skelton Photo

The Alabama Hills - Near close up- 140mm lens - Keith Skelton Photo

The Sierras at Sunrise - Two dimensional abstract feeling - 400mm - Keith Skelton Photo

The Alabama Hills - Selective Subject - 300mm - Keith Skelton Photo