Self Publishing Platform & Photo Sharing Community

Self Publishing Platform & Photo Sharing Community

FotoVisura is an online toolbox that artists and photographers can use to publish, share and promote their work through images, video, audio, and text. FotoVisura facilitates self-publishing your work online by broadcasting it to your network of contacts, as well as displaying it in the public archive; members can submit their work to the FotoVisura Grant and Visura Spotlight.

How it works.
Upload image/video/audio files into an Album, add text, then make connections with other users. Once connected they will receive your albums and you will receive theirs.

An Album is the basic building block and can contain any combination or amount of media. Albums can be sent to your FV-Community and the Galleries you participate in through the FotoVisura website.

A Gallery is a collection of Albums and can be contributed to over time by 1 user or by a group of users. Galleries have easy to adjust privacy and moderation features.

Each user has:
• A Profile page that displays your personal library of albums as well as optional information like your Bio and CV.
• A Community Page that displays albums sent to you from your FV-Community and the Group Galleries you participate in.

Each user has an FV-Community — a collection of other users whom you wish to share Albums with. When publishing an Albums you will send it to each member of your FV-Community. As soon as you click the Publish button, the Album will be sent automatically. Similarly, your Community page aggregates Albums syndicated to you from other members of your FV-Community, as well as the Galleries you participate in.

Bookmarks are a great way to save and display your favorite albums from around the community.

Each user can send messages to communicate directly and privately.

Each account has a Control Panel, used to manage your Albums, FV-Community, Galleries, Bookmarks, and Account Settings.

FotoVisura slideshows can easily embed into a webpage or blog.

The FotoVisura Public Archive is a great way to share and discover work across the community at large. It is also a resource for editors, curators, and other forums to find new work.