Photojournalism at the Getty in Los Angeles

-One excellent photographer from the conflicts in the Mideast, Stefan Zaklin, left his old career and got an MBA, partly because he was not certain he could support a budding family, given journalism's shaky moorings. He starts in a couple of weeks with John Deere, the farm equipment maker.

Zaklin also worries about how his old compatriots will find an audience for their work — noting the irony that the greatest vehicle for information distribution in history hasn't provided a clear solution.

"In 1998 or '99 we thought the Internet would be the answer," said Zaklin, 36. "We wouldn't need print. We could reach people in our own way on the Web. What we failed to take into account was the massive amount of work on the Internet and how people would be able to find our work. -The Los Angeles Times

"The Sacrifice," James Nachtwey’s massive photo collage (shown in detail) of images from medical field hospitals in Iraq, is part of a new exhibit at the Getty. (James Nachtwey / June 29, 2010)