So You Want To Be a Photographer, Writer, Musician.....

Horror stories among professional shooters have become legion. Last April, Time Magazine paid $30 for an iStockphoto shot of a jar of change (illustrating "The New Frugality") that ran on the magazine's cover. Other photographers complained that a Time cover in the past (commissioned, not stock) might have paid thousands. Britain's Independent newspaper recently pulled photos of snow scenes off Flickr and declined, for a time, to pay, even though the photographer clearly labeled the shots with a copyright. will pay $15 for articles about the outdoors. wants 500-word pieces on health for $30, or less. In this mix, the 16 cents a word offered by Green Business Quarterly ends up sounding almost bounteous, amounting to more than $100 per submission.  (from The Los Angeles Times)

'The New Frugality'
Last April, Time magazine paid $30 for this iStockphoto shot of a jar of change. (Los Angeles Times)