Three spots left for the Alabama Hills, CA. Photo Workshop

Many people think the Alabama Hills are in Alabama. They are not!

The eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Range , California, is a great destination for photographers.  Between the steep, eastern escarpment of the Sierra and the town of Lone Pine, are the Alabama Hills. Boulders the size of buildings lie scattered across the hills creating a highly textured foreground of smooth and rounded shapes with a dramatic view of the rising Sierra peaks above. Experienced landscape photographers will quickly see the possibilities.

This workshop will be very informal and fun. You will get plenty of wonderful photographs. We will have discussions about techniques and creativity each day. This trip is about shooting — lots of shooting. We will work closely together, sharing our knowledge and experience. Feel free to bring samples of your photography for review, as the goal of this workshop is to have fun and become a better and more competent photographer.  
Photos copyright by Keith Skelton